Best Beach Holidays In Sri Lanka

best beach holidays in sri lanka

Best Beach Holidays In Sri Lanka

The best beach holidays in Sri Lanka, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. This incredible island nation is a volcanic paradise with its verdant coastal areas, breathtaking beaches and sparkling deep blue sea. It is often referred to as a “Sri-lanka-ization” of sorts as it has been modernized (for the most part) and has become one of the most developed countries in the world today. It is often said that this small country has more to offer than a thousand beaches and a thousand mountains. It is truly a place where one can recharge the batteries and have a fulfilling beach holiday.

The best thing about Sri Lankan beaches is that they are mostly unspoiled even up to a point. Although there are some protected beaches, you will still have to spend a good amount of time on the open water to enjoy them fully. It is important to remember that you need not spend your entire vacation on the beach. Most of these beaches near Madurai, Kandy and Port Louis are absolutely packed during the peak tourist seasons and you might have to wait for ages just to enjoy a nice dip. However, during the other times of the year, you will be able to find dozens of beaches and a thousand ways to enjoy them.

There are a thousand and one beaches in Sri Lanka to choose from. Some of them are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Some of them are ideal for surfing. Most of them offer a variety of water sports activities such as boating, swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing and banana boat riding.

Some of the beaches near Kandy, Onam and Port Louis are crowded during the high season. If you want to avoid the crowd, you should plan your beach holiday during the low season. This is also the best time to visit the most popular beaches in Sri Lanka: Kandy, Anuradhapura, Kuttanad, Thripunithara, Thrieng Layu and Thiruvallam beaches. These are the most well-known and picturesque beaches in Sri Lanka. Most beach holiday makers come here during the low season to enjoy a perfect family holiday or an adventurous holiday with their friends.

Apart from being the best beaches in Sri Lanka, Kandy, Anuradhapura and Thrieng Layu beaches are also very beautiful and attract hundreds of tourists during the low season. They have a pleasant climate all year round. In the peak tourist season, you will find hundreds of beach lovers gathering at these three beaches. The water here is clear and soothing and the sun is shining brilliantly. Most families come here to enjoy a nice vacation with their children. Most beaches also provide some facility of swimming and that makes them even more attractive for beach lovers.

You will be amazed to know that there are many other wonderful beaches in Sri Lanka. They are places which are not only very beautiful but offer a lot of facilities to tourists. Most beaches in Sri Lanka have electricity so that you can enjoy the best beach holiday even on a rainy day. Electricity ensures that you do not face any problem during the day.

Most of the beaches near the coast have bus stops near them. The buses take visitors to the capital city, which is located on the other side of these beaches. The best beach holiday is incomplete without visiting these beaches. The natural beauty of these beaches is such that they attract thousands of tourists all the year round. During the peak seasons, there are hundreds of beach lovers gathered at these beaches but during the normal times, you can enjoy a peaceful holiday at these beaches as well.

If you have planned your beach holiday in Sri Lanka then you must know that the weather in Sri Lanka is usually hot in the summers. It is not surprising if you can find people sun bathing at the beaches all the time. The rainy season is also quite enjoyable. At times, there can be good weather but not for much of the year. You must plan your beach holiday in Sri Lanka accordingly so that you can enjoy the best beach holidays.