Enjoy Your Time On Separate Holidays In Sri Lanka

A September holiday in Sri Lanka is a great choice for family holidays to India or any other country. It is one of those countries that have a very consistent weather all year round, although the peak tourist season is from June to September. The rainy season is generally from April to September and the cooler months are from December to March. The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from October to March.

september holidays sri lanka

Sri Lanka, officially the independent democratic republic of Sri Lanka, is a tropical island country in south Asia, situated in the Indian Ocean northwest of the Bay of Bengal and southwest of the Arabian Sea. It shares its border with India, though officially with the People’s Republic of China. It enjoys a warm and humid climate, with some of its beaches experiencing prolonged showers during the hot season. Some of its beaches are rocky, with water lapping on the beach at high tide and visibility limited to a few meters.

Most visitors go to the country’s east coast, which is most famous for its scenic secluded sandy beaches. There are no foreign tourists who visit the west coast, which is more developed and has a much larger variety of hotels and restaurants. The capital city, Colombo, has a wonderful colonial architecture that exudes a sense of Asian elegance.

If you choose to go on September holidays to Sri Lanka during the rainy season, you can enjoy much better beaches with less crowding and more privacy. It is also less expensive. During the monsoon season (from June to September), the crowds disappear as the weather becomes more balanced and the waves recede. The beaches are beautiful and the weather pleasant.

The people of Sri Lanka are a friendly and warm lot. They have been very helpful to foreign tourists, giving them advice on how to avoid crime and pick up girls. In fact, they are extremely popular all over the world. The people speak English, but if you do not know any of their regional dialects, you can easily learn enough Tamil to communicate with them. Their culture is predominantly Christian, though there are some Muslims, who follow their own customs.

A few tips on security in Sri Lanka: Try to avoid picking up souvenirs or pocket watches from the women customers you meet at any tourist establishment. They will not give you too many too-good-byes, if you do that. Do not walk with large groups of people in front of buses, unless it is a bus that belongs to your company. They are sometimes targeted by thieves, so make sure you take a few precautions. Also, when you see a group of children waiting for a bus, you can safely guess that most of them have outstayed their transit ticket.

Although crimes in Sri Lanka are minimal, travellers should still carry a fair amount of precaution. As a matter of fact, there are a number of anti-social and terrorist groups that operate in the country, and travellers could become targets for their activities. It is therefore recommended that you carry your necessary documents, such as passports and other travel papers, as well as an emergency money bag to withdraw small amounts of cash when threatened.

In conclusion, I must say that travelling during Sepember holidays in Sri Lanka is an exciting time for both locals and international tourists. However, it is important that you follow the below mentioned tips. If you happen to become a victim of a mugging, keep the details of the mugger and the local police official, as well as their contact information, ready so that you can give them a quick update. By doing so, you will be able to report the incident to the authorities in case any trouble arises.