Explore the Natural Beauty of Sri Lanka

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Explore the Natural Beauty of Sri Lanka

A land like no other, Sri Lanka is an exotic destination that beckons travelers for a range of tours. Its idyllic natural beauty is one reason why visitors from the whole world throng to this place in large numbers during their holidays in Sri Lanka. The natural splendor of the land has been enhanced by nature herself giving it an unmatched grace. Nature has bestowed Sri Lankan landscapes with such an astounding magnificence that it leaves one breathless. In short, Sri Lanka tours are blissful escapades in which you will relish every moment of your stay in the scenic island.

Overlooking the Arabian Sea on one side, lies the majestic mountains known as the Singharaja on the other. With a panoramic coastline fringed with greenery, the natural beauty of the place has been marred only by a few modern constructions. The beaches are the most attractive attractions of the place where tourists can enjoy sun bathing and swimming. Beaches of Sri Lanka offer an excellent opportunity to refresh oneself after a long day of touring the natural beauty.

The rainforests are a home to a variety of animals and birds and are an ideal stopover for those who are keen on wildlife. A visit to the national park “The rainforests of the Indian origin” is an exceptional experience in itself. Here you can view diverse species of birds and animals as well as the flora and fauna in its natural habitat.

The largest city “Sri Lanka capital city Colombo” is also found to be a must visit place for all types of travelers. It is an important center for all travel agencies and tour operators across the globe. Its beautiful scenic natural landscapes, beaches, colonial mansions and temples all contribute greatly to its attraction. Apart from that, it is also home to sea turtles, leopards and elephants among many others. Its museums and animal sanctuaries are worth exploring. The Bophut beach, Anuradhapura beach and Ano Bay beaches are popular spots for water sports and adventure activities.

“Rajah Breeze Waterfalls” located on the left bank of the river Boating Lake is one of the most visited attractions in Rajah Breeze. These waterfalls add to the natural beauty of the place. The waterfall is around one hundred and fifty-five feet in height. Tourists can also view elephant and rhino rides at the park.

Another place that offers visitors a chance to admire the natural beauty of the country is the “Pearl of the Orient”, which is found in the island of Koh Samui. The pearl has its origins in Thailand. The unique quality of the pearl is due to its being created by nature and not by any form of machine or formula. The uniqueness of the pearl has made it a very popular tourist spot. Other than that, the “Blue Flag National Marine Sanctuary” is one of the biggest sanctuaries for marine life in the country.

The “Thailand Birding Centre” in Krabi is another favorite spot for bird watchers. This is one of the most visited places in Phuket. The bird watchers can enjoy seeing many species of birds here like egrets, warblers, seabirds, storks and many others. The beautiful beach and lush surrounding provide a conducive environment for the breeding of these birds.

The natural beauty of Lanka is also enhanced by the presence of natural gems and salt pans all over the place. The “Sapkafra Gold Centre” in Krabi is one of the best known places for collecting these precious and semi-precious gems. Tourists can also look forward to experiencing the wonder and magic of Swarovski crystal pieces in this beautiful place. Most of the travellers look forward to spending their holidays iniasis a tropical location like Krabi.