Holiday Packages in Sri Lanka – A Perfect Way to Spend Your Holiday

holiday packages from sri lanka

Holiday Packages in Sri Lanka – A Perfect Way to Spend Your Holiday

If you are thinking of a tropical getaway and looking for the perfect destination then look no further than Sri Lanka where there are many holiday packages from south Asia to select from. The country is one of the most popular destinations in Asia as it has an amazing collection of beaches to explore. The climate is pleasant and the natural beauty is mind blowing. Tourists from all over the world come to this country to experience the refreshing ambiance and exotic surroundings.

A holiday package in South Asia will provide you with an insight into the Sri Lankan culture and rich flora and fauna. You can visit the famous “Leelaeng Spine” or the Teesta peak and can even enjoy tea plantation on the banks of the Teesta River that provides the tourists a chance to enjoy a tea taste of heavenly bliss. There are a number of tea plantations here and the quality of tea is known the world over, hence the price at tea plantations here is also quite reasonable.

Another great attraction in South Asia is the “Thituhar Falls” or Thituhar National Park, which is one of the largest waterfall in the world. The falls attract thousands of tourists every year and there are guided tours available to admire the natural beauty of Thituhar. The beautiful “Point Dondra” is also an attraction and has a stunning view of the cape and the surrounding landscape. There are many holiday packages from Sri Lanka that will include a visit to this popular sightseeing point.

If you are looking for more adventure then there are more options available for you. One of the best known and popular beaches in Sri Lanka is Anuradhapura. This place is renowned for its natural beauty and you can spend hours lying on the golden sands or swimming in the natural water body. There are several holiday packages from Sri Lanka that will include a visit to this place.

The town ofcluda is also a beautiful place where you can spend some time in the evening. Here you can see the beautiful hanging lamps in various shapes and sizes made of bamboo. These lamps were originally made by the local tribal people as a way to scare away the evil spirits. There are several lakes in the area and the most popular among them are the Sunthikulam and Chamundheedu lakes. You can spend a relaxing afternoon in these beautiful lakes and enjoy the refreshing weather.

The other places that you should not miss in your trip to Sri Lanka are the cities of Galle, Willemstad and Bloemfontein. These cities have a lot to offer you and will make your holiday memorable. You will get to visit beautiful temples and places of natural beauty. The coffee plantations in the area also add to the natural beauty of the place. These coffee plantation will supply you with delicious coffee and tea throughout the duration of your stay in Sri Lanka.

The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Sri Lanka are another attraction and must be included in holiday packages from Sri Lanka. The national parks and sanctuaries are home to various animals and birds. You can visit to the Ratnaraj University which is situated near to the national park. In this university you can learn many things including birding, nature studies and Tamil language.

These holiday packages from Sri Lanka will take you to some of the most visited places in the country. Visakhapatnam is also a place that you should not miss out on. The city offers scenic beauties and is one of the most developed cities in the country. It has an international airport and it is connected to all major cities through rail and roadways.