lighthouse Hotel, Sri Lanka – A Land of Natural Splendor

lighthouse hotel sri lanka

lighthouse Hotel, Sri Lanka – A Land of Natural Splendor

The lighthouse hotel is located at a 9 km from the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The lovely views of the calm and scenic sea and the beautiful mountains and beaches make Sri Lanka an ideal destination for a holiday in paradise. The hotel was established in 1992 and is one of the best hotels of South Asia. It provides a luxurious, elegant and unique experience for its visitors. Visitors can enjoy many services, amenities during their stay in the hotel.

As far as historical architecture in Sri Lanka is concerned, there is the Lighthouse Palace which was constructed in the 16th century by the then ruler, Kgalagadi Sripathabundas. The palace is situated on a small island near the town of Anuradhapura and it overlooks the sea. You will definitely like the panoramic view while staying at the lighthouse palace. The other historical landmark of the place is the Dambwahene Dam which came into existence in the third century and is one of the best examples of the ancient Mughal structure.

Some of the best views to enjoy while staying at the lighthouse are the sea shore and the surrounding islands. There are many interesting places and attractions that can be explored by snorkelling or diving. You can also go sailing in the silvery sands in the evening and enjoy a lovely sunset. The natural beauty of the island and the soothing breeze will simply enthrall you and make you feel like staying here forever. The lush green hills and the enchanting views of the sea waters will just make you feel mesmerized. You can also indulge in some water sports like parasailing, wind surfing or jet skiing.

The hotel has two guest houses that provide excellent accommodation facilities to its visitors. These include the Fortroom and the Lodge. Both these hotels are fully equipped with all the facilities necessary for a pleasant stay by offering a restaurant, swimming pool, bar, sauna and a lounge.

To get away from the commercialism and the hustle bustle, the visitors of the lighthouse can also choose to stay in some temples and cottages. These houseboats have been around for centuries and there are several heritage buildings to explore in and around the region. Some of these houseboats are very old and the tourists can even find authentic antique pieces in them. Some of the most famous temples that have been built near the sea level are The Singing Tree Temple and The Golden Temple.

The rooms of the lighthouse are all equipped with modern facilities. The rooms have air conditioner, television set, telephone, safe and ceiling fans. The rooms also have en-suite facilities where one can wash themselves. Room service is available in the hotel but it can be prepaid upon arrival.

There are many restaurants in and around the vicinity. These restaurants serve food such as seafood, seafood, vegetarian and seafood delight. Most of these restaurants are located at the Pinnacles or at the Colombo Diversion. The sea resorts around the Lighthouse are perfect for spending a holiday while at the sea.

All the rooms of these hotels have en-suite facilities for bath and toilet. There are also many restaurants serving local and continental food during leisure time. The Lighthouse hotel accommodations are the best among all other sea resorts in Sri Lanka.

The rooms of these hotels are modern in design. There are double beds, single beds, sofa sets, kitchenettes and air conditioning. The kitchen has microwave, blender, dishwasher and complete utensils. The dining room has a dining table, chairs and a cabinet. There is a radio and television set near the kitchen for relaxing.

The staffs of these hotels are very hospitable. They are always ready to serve. The ambience of a lighthouse hotel is truly a heavenly experience. A holiday at a lighthouse hotel in Sri Lanka is a memorable experience of a lifetime.

The views of the sea and the beauty of the mountains surround this tranquil destination. It is also an ideal place for nature lovers and trekkers. The natural scenic beauty is best enjoyed when you are here in the early morning or evening. Nature lovers from all over the world come to Sri Lanka for the amazing natural beauty. The beaches are also lined with palm trees and other lush green plants that make the environment perfect for viewing thousands of brightly colored fishes every day.