Sri Lanka Tour Of India – Enjoy A Variety Of Festivals

sri lanka tour of india

Sri Lanka Tour Of India – Enjoy A Variety Of Festivals

A Sri Lankan tour is an adventure in itself. The uniqueness of the land lies in its natural treasures, flora & fauna, and its culture. All these factors make India a perfect destination for exploring and enjoying holidays. A Sri Lankan tour is an unforgettable experience, with lots of options for sightseeing and adventure.

Trekking is one of the most popular activities in a Sri Lankan tour. The country has a number of national parks and sanctuaries. These have been made accessible by the government through different programmes. In each of the national parks and sanctuaries, tourists can find nature reserves and sanctuaries that are special in their own way. Some of them include Diamantina national park, Vanuatu karate national park, Eravikulam national park and Periyar national park among many others.

Another popular adventure activity on a Sri Lankan tour is mountaineering. There are a number of mountains around the country. The highest peak in Sri Lanka is Kata (Tiger’s Peak). Most of the mountains are climbed and offer wonderful scope for adventure enthusiasts. Some of them also offer trekking journeys to explore the region.

The country also has many game reserves and sanctuaries. In fact, there are some sanctuaries which have been declared as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. These sanctuaries and reserves offer good habitat for varied wildlife species. Adventure seekers and trekkers can also explore the lush forests of the country.

In the cities of Sri Lanka too, one can see thriving ecotourism industry. There are some excellent wildlife sanctuaries and national parks around the city. One can go for jungle treks and elephant safaris in the wildest and deepest parts of the country. The wildlife sanctuaries also provide a good habitat and a practice for eco-tourism. Adventure seekers can enjoy the natural settings of the place and get an insight into the life of these amazing creatures.

In case one is not inclined to explore the wilderness, he or she can opt for a Sri Lanka tour of India that includes beach tourism. A beach tour of Sri Lanka is ideal for adventure lovers. Adventure seekers can enjoy water sports, snorkelling, and other such activities in the beaches of the country. Some of the beaches of Sri Lanka have gained a reputation for good diving, attracting visitors from all over the world.

The diversity of the landscape and the climate make Sri Lanka one of the most preferred tour destination for travelers. There is a variety of tour packages available for tourists in this country. Many of these packages are guided tours, self catering ones, or luxury tours. It is also possible to combine tours like jungle tours, beach tours, etc to enjoy a comprehensive view of the country.

The rich flora and fauna of the country are also worth exploring. The tour can be made interesting by combining a trekking trip to visit the national parks. Trekking is a popular sport and it is popularly practiced in Sri Lanka. It involves hiking, carrying of luggage, swimming, and carrying food and water. There are a number of national parks in Sri Lanka, where tourists can spend their holidays.

Exploring the many lakes and rivers of the country is also an interesting aspect of the trip. The lakes are formed due to deposition of the muddy sludge from the nearby hills. This water collects at the base of the mountains and flows down to the sea. Some of the most popular rivers that are famous among trekkers are the Chinn, Chenin, and Teesta. It is also possible to discover the hidden secrets and wonders of the nature during a trip to the national parks and sanctuaries.

Another popular activity during a Sri Lankan tour is elephant safari. These tours are organized on a one to one basis, during the rains. The elephants that are found here belong to the Rain Forest population only. The lush green hills, the river Gavi, and the lush plantations of tea, coffee, cocoa, rubber and limestone give the elephants their habitat. In this way, you can enjoy the tranquility and the fresh air of the faraway place. These tours also provide you with the chance to explore the caves, national parks and sanctuaries.

Exploring Sri Lanka through a Sri Lankan tour is also an opportunity to taste the variety of food and drinks that are indigenous to the country. The cuisine is rich in spices and flavors and the local people are warm and welcoming. The country is also famous for its dancing and festivals which you will definitely love to attend. So book your tour to Sri Lanka today and explore this vibrant country that is full of color.